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Electoral education is a theme that is extremely important in producing a wide range of conscious citizens. Although we have experienced enough instances where people claim   that there is a highly literate community, using the ability to read and write as a yardstick, it is important that we examine to what extent it has influenced in producing conscious citizens. Although, theoretical aspects are discussed to a certain extent within the school education, there is much more to be done to develop it to a level of practical reality. The fate of a country where the people are not interested in electing public representatives who possess a far-reaching vision, a program of realistic action, and who are  responsible to the people, will invariably be extremely miserable. In view of the above, it is our aim to produce conscious citizens who are well informed and endowed with progressive attitudes instead of being mere voters by providing them an electoral education.

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PAFFREL was established in 1987 by representatives of several national-level civil society organizations.


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