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General Election

The country is divided into 22 Electoral Districts for Parliamentary elections and each of these districts becomes an electorate.

Any person qualified to be an elector is qualified to be elected as a Member of Parliament.

Parliamentary elections are held on the principles of proportional representation and the number of members to be elected from each electorate is determined on a formula based on the number of electors in the electorate. A political party or an independent group intending to contest an electorate should submit a list of names of candidates and such list should also contain three names more than the number of members to be elected.

A voter is entitled to one vote which has to be cast for the political party or the independent group of his choice. He is also entitled to mark up to three preferences against the names of three candidates of the political party or the independent group he votes for.

The number of members elected from a political party or an independent group at an election is determined on the basis of the votes received by the political party or group in the entire electorate. Where a party or group receives less than one-twentieth of the total votes cast at the election, it does not secure any seat. By-elections are not held when vacancies occur. In such instances the Commissioner of Elections fills the vacancy by appointing the candidate who has received the next highest number of preferences from the same party or group.

The term of office of the Parliament is six years. It has a total of 225 members of whom 196 are elected to represent the 22 Electoral Districts while the other 29 seats are filled by nomination by political parties or groups contesting the election according to the proportion of votes polled by them.


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