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M12M for Clean Politics Media Brief

02 March, 2017

March 12 Movement for clean politics held a media discussion yesterday (01st) at Renuka City Hotel, to brief and get the support of the state and the private media for the island wide campaign of 25 days.

Media personals representing number of leading print and digital media participated in this discussion and highly appreciated the effort of M12M for Clean Politics, while congratulating on the movements second anniversary. They also pointed that by carrying this work to the grass root level the process could be made more successful.

The media personals gathered, unanimously agreed for Media publicity support for M12M to strengthen the process of the island wide campaign.

Rohana Hettiarachchie, Executive Director of PAFFREL, on behalf of the March 12 steering Committee said that, at a time everything has degenerated, it is a great pleasure to see the media working hard to make a change in the society which definitely should be highly appreciated.


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