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Provincial Council Elections

At the sub-national level there are nine Provincial Councils. These were established by an amendment brought in 1987 to the Constitution of 1978, with the objective of sharing power between the centre and the provinces.

Three lists termed the Reserved List, the Provincial Council List and the Concurrent List specify the power and functions that come under the centre, the Provincial Councils and those that are concurrent, respectively.

For elections to Provincial Councils each of the Districts within a Province is reckoned as an electorate. The President specifies the number of members that will constitute each Provincial Council having regard to the population and the area of each electorate. Elections to Provincial Councils are conducted on the same principles relating to proportional representation as in the Parliamentary elections.

Each Provincial Council has a Governor appointed by the President. He is charged with the task of execution of policies and statutes of the council. He does this through a Board of Ministers headed by a Chief Minister and having not more than four other Ministers. The Chief Minister is appointed by the Governor and the Ministers by the Governor on the advice of the Chief Minister. The law also provides that each Provincial Council should have a Chairman and a Vice Chairman elected from among the members by majority vote.

The term of office of a Provincial Council is five years.


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