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Local Authority Elections (Municipal Councils, Urban Councils & Pradeshiya Sabas)

The local authorities contribute the last tier of the electoral system. At this level are the – Municipal Councils, Urban Councils and Pradeshiya Sabhas. At present there are 23 Municipal Councils, 41 Urban Councils and 271 Pradeshiya Sabhas, making a total of 335 local government institutions.

Generally speaking, Municipal Councils are established for large towns and cities, Urban Councils for less urbanized areas and Pradeshiya Sabhas for areas which are considered rural.

In the case of elections to local authorities, a ward system is not followed and the whole local authority area becomes the electorate. In these elections too, members are elected on the principles relating to proportional representation. The number of members of each local authority is determined by the Minister in charge of the subject of local government taking into consideration the area and the population of the local authority.

Every Municipal Council should have a Mayer and a Deputy Mayer and every Urban Council and Pradeshiya Sabha a Chairman and a Vice Chairman. Where a single political party or an independent group secures over 50 per cent of the seats in a local authority, these positions are filled by nomination of members by the respective political party or the independent group. In instances where a single political party or an independent group has not secured more than 50 per cent of the seats, they are elected from among the members, by the members.

The term of office of a local authority is four years.


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